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Hops 2011

This year's hops

Another quick post, it’s this year’s hop update. Here in Ireland we’ve had a fantastic spring, the temperature has been fairly high and it’s been sunny. I think most of my hops sprouted in¬†February, and as you can see, they’ve gotten pretty big. ¬†From the left, just creeping in to the picture is my Cascade plant, it’s tall but it got very wind battered over the last couple of weeks. Next we have me among the Germans: Taurus, Me, Hallertau and then in the corner is Northern Brewer. On the larger wires there is Tettnang, and on the right is my largest and oldest hop, Fuggles. They’re doing well so far apart from a bit of wind burn, the key now is to keep the aphids off them. More updates later in the season!



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