The future looks Epic (Guest Post)

*What follows is a Guest Post from my associate, here known only as Dr. K, who, taking time out from receiving the normal type of scoop, received a scoop of the journalistic kind. If you’re all nice to him he may even get off his backside and start his own blog. His views in some ways represent my own, but it wouldn’t be safe to assume so in all cases- Stoutfellow*

First off what a great honour and privilege to be offered a guest post on Ireland’s premier beer blog!! Whoop, totes amazeballs.

 Hot off the press from a source close to Luke Nicholas, Founder/Head brewer Epic Brewery, is the exciting news that at last EPIC will soon be available in Ireland. The first bottles are due to hit Redmond’s, Ranelagh. The exact date is unconfirmed but it should be soon. I am, however, slightly terrified by what the Irish list price will be.

Redmonds perhaps? 

 So big deal, another foreign brewery with an expensive hoppy beer? Well yes, of course. But also, definitely, no. Epic as the name suggests strive for “big aromas, flavours and taste in the beers.” We get so many UK and American beers, and a spattering of beers from Europe, many excellent, many pretty forgettable. So far I’ve been extremely impressed by Epic’s beer. I’m sure there are many blogs out there telling you what they taste like if you’re into other people’s tasting notes, knock yourself out. Or, even better, wait and try it for yourself and make up your own mind!

All the beers I’ve tried from Epic have been well thought out and executed perfectly. With that in mind it’s probably no surprise that Kelly Ryan joined Epic when he returned home to New Zealand, or that Sam Calagione has collaborated with Nicholas (Portamarillo).

 I’m also pleased to see Epic arrive here because (in my mind) I hope it will be a spur to some of our burgeoning Irish micros to not be afraid to make a properly tasty beer and push the boundaries for Irish beer; And I don’t mean copying Diogenes, making a [Galway] Hooker clone or another stout. Please, a distinctive, clean, well crafted consistent beer with bags of flavour. But that’s another issue and the soon to be Dr. Stoutfellow will have to redact this if I’m not careful.

So rejoice more super beer hitting the shelves soon! Whoop whoop!



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5 responses to “The future looks Epic (Guest Post)

  1. kenanddot

    I tried Epic’s IPA when I was in New Zealand last Christmas. It was way way past my tolerance level for hops. Motor oil and benzene was all I got from it, sad to say.

  2. kev

    Good job our man ken is off to learn about beer! I hope he comes back “fixed”

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