Petrus: A Barrel Aged Pale

Petrus Aged Pale

Bavik is an old fashioned Belgian brewery, and Petrus (7.3%) is an old fashioned beer. It is, according to Bavik, an ‘undiluted’ old beer. It is aged in wooden vats, which judging by smell are funkier than if Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and the whole Parliament-Funkadelic ensemble got together and made some extra smelly blue cheese. It’s a dark golden amber colour, the head doesn’t last much. I was surprised given the smell that it wasn’t more sour, now don’t get me wrong, it is sour, but it’s not Cantillon sour; perhaps it’s more that it doesn’t finish dry, it’s not especially puckering. It is similar to red sour Flemish beers like Rodenbach and Vichtenaar, it has that same almost balsamic sweetness coming through, it could be the oak I think that given the fact that it doesn’t finish that dry, it could have been more highly carbonated, as it is the gas is weak, and it sits a little flat in your mouth. I love this flemish sour thing though, and this is a really nice example.



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6 responses to “Petrus: A Barrel Aged Pale

  1. Taf

    When I saw the post notifiction of Barrel Aged Pale, I thought that it was your next Barrel project, as I think I heard it mentioned somewhere that there is one on the way. Any clues to the next barrell project, or is it under wraps?


    • stoutfellow

      well there has been debate, and there are a number of options still on the table. Safe to say it won’t be til the autumn or later, I’m finishing my PhD, Kev just started a new job, and Peter is getting married and moving in to a new house so we’re tied up. I’d say we’ll brew something for it in November, the cooler weather is better for conditioning anyway. We were thinking something like a belgian dubbel, a flemish red or something, a barleywine perhaps. Needs to be reasonably big, I couldn’t take 200L going bad on us. Any ideas?

  2. kev

    I’ve an idea , one might call it a “lightbulb” idea or even a smashing idea. If we had some of those fancy big glass fermenters we could do it 4brews. Seen any of these recently?

    And now back to the post, the flanders sour reds and oud bruins are indeed pretty tasty, the balsamic vinegar thing is way tastier than it sounds! I agree it’s ertainly not Cantillon is sourness profile.

    • stoutfellow

      yeah, I hear those things are a bit dangerous, they break pretty easily. I’m going to convert a metal keg to a fermentor I think. At least we’ll always have the memories of the lightbulb and the great brews it gave us.

  3. Adam

    Where did you find the Petrus? Very curious. A flemish red would be a great thing to do with the old barrell (as long as you don’t mind permanently dedicating it to sours), but you’ll need a LOT of sour starter which is really slow to propogate. Maybe brew two 20L sours now and then transfer to the barrell and pitch on top?

    • stoutfellow

      I got it in Brussels, in the shop run by the mea culpa guy. He recommended it as a nice sour. I’m not sure I’d want a whole barrel full of sour, maybe if I could get my hands on a smaller barrel. I’m really coming round to the idea of a nice big barleywine, perhaps well hopped like Bigfoot or something.

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