Mini Monster Mash

Since I built my large 50L coolerbox mash tun, I have often struggled to make beers in less than 20L batches, especially when they are not strong, this is because my mash tun doesn’t work very well unless I use about 7KG of grain. But from time to time I want to mash a smaller amount, for brewing an experimental beer, or perhaps a starter beer in 5-10L batches. Here is my quick and dirty solution. It cost very little to make, and it took me about 30 minutes.

Do the Mini Mash!

I simply cut a small hole in a 8 or 10L food grade bucket which previously held bird seed. I attached a ball valve tap to a brass threaded compression fitting, with a washer on the inside. I stuck a short length of copper pipe hammered flat at one end, with slots cut along its length (it was a bit from an old mash tun). I cut and wrapped a foam mat around the outside and attached it with silver gaffer tape, this is for insulation. I reckon it will be good to mash anything from 1-3KG. Now to mini-mash a starter beer!



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2 responses to “Mini Monster Mash

  1. Brendan

    Anyone know if it’s possible to brew wine from the fruit from a Malus tree. I know you can make jam but can you make wine. Got a tree that’s about to lose its fruit and I’d like to use it. Any info greatly appreciated. I’ve never brewed anything before


    • stoutfellow

      is that some sort of apple? crab apple perhaps? you can make a wine with anything that has sugar, so that’s almost all fruit I would guess. I don’t really have much experience of making fruit wines but I’m sure if you google “brewing fruit wine” or something you’ll find some info. Basically you’ll need some sort of press to get the juice out, then I think you add yeast and let it ferment, and then siphon it off the sediment and let it age a while, then bottle it. If it’s a crab apple it should be the same procedure as normal cider, you might want to add extra sugar. good luck!

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