Carboy Harness

Carboy Harness

It’s been some while now, but I’m back and determined to get back to updating the blog with everything beery I’ve been up to over the summer. To start with though, a small crafty post about something I’ve just finished this very minute. Using my trusty ‘Brother’ vintage sewing machine, and some seatbelt material (I think) I got on Ebay some while back I have stitched up a net-like webbing harness for one of my glass carboys.

Blue Boy Racer Seatbelt

The great thing about 22L carboys is that they are glass. Their major drawback is also that they are glass. They are inert, see through, easily cleaned, airtight, but as many have informed me they shatter easily even if only dropped the final two inches, and my house is fully tiled. They are also extremely slippery when wet and heavy. There are commercial solutions, but I don’t particularly like the one below, it just seems to be silly to pick something up by what is clearly its weakest part. You wouldn’t pick up a baby by its neck, and we brewers are quite maternal sorts when it comes to the bubbling creature in the corner.

it just seems wrong.

Anyway I bought this strapping a good while ago for a different project, but I’m sure you can get it on Ebay, it seems to be the sort of thing boy racers might kit their Honda Civics or Toyota Celicas out with to make them look like something off ‘Need for Speed’. The design is simple, a criss-crossed strap underneath, forming two handles on top, with two bands around the circumference to help it hold its shape.

He is heavy, He's my Brother

Sewing it was easy. I first measured out the main part, and sewed it to form a big loop. Then I tried it out on the carboy again and marked where the crossover underneath was, and sewed that. Then I measured out two bands the size if the carboy, sewed them, and marked where they should go on the carboy and sewed each to each of the four vertical straps, making sure the opposite verticals were exactly the same distance from each other each way around. It took about an hour by the time I went back and forth to check it on the carboy. As far as sewing goes, I just did a lot of criss-cross runs with the machine to make sure it was well attached. Not the neatest or prettiest job with the machine but it’s not bad either. Now I can lift with confidence! I could imagine you could make something similar from rope by using the sort of knots fishermen use on nets, and maybe using more than 4 vertical runners, But I think my blue seatbelt gives my brewhouse a sort of boy-racer chic.

The finished Article



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2 responses to “Carboy Harness

  1. Looks good, I took the easy option for this and bought one from a US website. One of the best purchases I ever made as it makes handling the carboy so much easier.

    • stoutfellow

      yeah I spotted one of those after I had made it. I have a huge roll of this stuff and it’s pretty sturdy, and it wasn’t very hard. I should probably throw one together for the other carboy too!

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