Pale and Ginger

Pale and Ginger, Mk.I

As I’ve said before, I like to come up with a silly name for a beer, and brew it to match. Over a year ago I conceived of a beer called “Pale’n’Ginger”, which would be a pale ale with, erm, ginger in it. The main reason I wanted to do this was that a certain special person I know is quite pale, with bright red hair. I didn’t  particularly like the idea of ginger in beer before making it, but it turned out to be very nice. That first time I used stem ginger, late in the boil, which is pretty much candied ginger. I found it didn’t give enough of that ginger kick though, a small hint was there. It went down well and everyone liked it.

Said person has  Significant Birthday coming up soon, so I decided to do a rerun of “Pale and Ginger” to celebrate. This time, I decided to use freshly grated ginger, again late in the boil. Judging from the taste of the unfermented Wort (which is not, admittedly the best test) it has imparted a nice amount of gingery flavour. It should be a little darker than the first run. Here was  the recipe I used.

Pale and Ginger Mk. II. 30L,  OG 1.039,  IBU 28,  10 SRM

Grain Bill: 3.5KG Pale Ale Malt, 400G Crystal 60l, 500G Flaked Wheat, 400G Demerara Sugar (15 minutes from the end of the boil)

Hops: 20G Nelson Sauvin 11.5AA, 60 mins, 20g EKG 4.8 AA 30 mins, 10G Cascade 7.8 AA 15 mins

25G grated Ginger, 10 minutes from the end of the boil

Repitched Wyeast American Lager Yeast

Mash: 60 minutes infusion mash at 67c, 15L

Anyway this one is fermenting away in primary at the moment, but I have high hopes. I redesigned the original (excellent) label, which for some reason acquired a kindof 70s charm as soon as we made it. I was always sad that it was a black and white label, so I tinted it. I also added a little badge indicating the special occasion. Cheers!

Pale and Ginger Mk.II



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2 responses to “Pale and Ginger

  1. kenanddot

    The redesigned label looks really good. I especially like the self-reflexive thing you’ve got going on there.

    I hope I get a chance to taste the beer. I’m pleased to say that my own brewing has progressed to the point where I can even understand this recipe (more or less).

    • stoutfellow

      haha. Of course you’ll get a taste. we’ll have a birthday party out here and I’ll put it in the corny keg, maybe early april. We’ll have some bottles if you can’t make it. I do worry that non-brewers don’t get the recipe but I guess it’s not so important to them anyway. Can’t wait to taste yours!

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